wallet55 (wallet55) wrote in rovers,

coffee, need coffee

(crossposted to spaceexploration)
The opportunity landing went wonderfully, not losing contact with earth which cut down on the knuckle biting significantly. It sounds like the thing cut tether late again, perhaps even later than Spirit, judging from the only 3g first bounce. As a former skydiver, all I can say: what a ground rush that must have been.....
The site looks much more interesting than Spirit's, though to be fair that is the old landing site focus attitude: these are rovers after all, and assuming they get Spirit up and running again, it may well go to some really interesting things. Still, you don't have to be a geologist to recognize bedrock and know how exciting that is. The front path is clear (probably because it did not land base petal down this time) All in all it is certainly worth how crappy i feel today having been up so late...
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