Adrian Ziemkowski (ziemkowski) wrote in rovers,
Adrian Ziemkowski

Twin Rovers testing

The Mars Exploration Rover Mission team has published a significant Mission Update to the Athena website, with news of one of the twin rovers going for its first drive...

They also posted a cool photo of the rover with a copy of the Sojourner rover that flew on the Mars Pathfinder mission...

You can download a high-resolution version of the second image by visiting the Mission Update page.

The larger rover is one of the real rovers going to Mars in 2003, and is labeled MER-2 for now. That brings up a side item; NASA is holding a Name The Rovers contest. It's only open to High School students, so if you have a great idea, be sure to find a student and suggest it to them. I can't get that link to load, can you? There's a link on the MER website.
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